Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wake Up & Smell the Coffee!!!

I have been keeping my coffee sleeves and have been wanting to create a mini book with them. I finally had some free time and did it! It was really fun! It is my first and definitely not my last mini book using coffee sleeves and talking about how much I LOVE COFFEE! Here are a few pictures of the book. Hope this helps you to recycle the sleeves for scrapbooking and inspires you to make one!
Well I'm out of here, I'm on my way to Starbucks. (LOL)
Have a blessed week!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Happy Monday!

Gosh was it hard to get up this morning!!! It was a good weekend but too short as usual.

I spent most of the time posting stuff for my online class and took an exam. Got a B!!! Went to church on Saturday night and taught 1st service on Sunday. My DH joined the Children's teaching ministry and he taught with me for the 1st time this weekend.

Saturday I got an RAK that I had won awhile ago by posting to a blog. It is Breanne's blog -
You should check her out sometime. She hosted the last happy mail swap I was in at Here is the picture of the goodies I won. Thanks Breanne!

I finished up a Baby Shower Memory scrapbook for my friend Nicole. I meant to take pictures and post but didn't. I hand delivered it to the baby shower but didn't stay cause I had too much going on.... I hope she likes it. I wish I could have spent more time on it but it came out cute considering. She may give it back to me to put the pictures on it so if she does, I will post.

I came down to Diego Sunday afternoon with my little one who wanted to see Grandma. She needs a Grandma fix every now and then. My mom had come down a few weeks ago for my son's b-day but we had not been down for over a month. We met up with my mom in Pt. Loma. She knew I had been wanting to scope out a scrapbook store I had not been to that I discovered about a month ago via a blog. The name of the store is Paper Tales. You can go to their blog:
It is a very cute store. It is next to Just for the Halibut and Souplantation. I bought a stamp for the back of my ATC cards. I have only done one ATC swap so far on Bible verses and I'm currently in another that is due in a month. I had been on a hunt for the stamp and finally found it there. My mom fell in love with one of the albums they are teaching. It is a travel book made with the Making Memories - Passport line. Very cute! I bought some sheets of Teresa Collins paper out of the Journal It line. I plan on using Jodie's Bind-it-all or Annabelle's since I don't have one yet... :) Anyways, I have a cute story to share about my visit there. I was shopping and saw Elena, founder of Scrapbook Royalty with her sidekick VP Melanie shopping at the store. I announced "Celebrities in the House" and then explained to everyone who they were. Elena is so super sweet. We talked for a minute and she asked for my name and I told her my first name - Monica and then she said Monica Robinson. I was surprised and I felt important!!! I guess its a small scrapbooking world, isn't it? I told her I really enjoyed the Black, White & Scrap All Over Event and told her I had bought tote hooks from them for gifts and for myself too. So my mom breaks hers out of her purse to show Elena and then told her how bad it is to have your purse on the ground. Too funny!

On another note.... It's official!!!!!! Get ready Raider Nation.....

It is official - Football season! My hubby is a true football fan! He is so excited. So, I basically am a football widow and look forward to having some "me" time to scrap. Don't get me wrong, I will be supportive and watch "some" football but not every game like he does via Directv Football ticket. He watches at least two screens at a time and that is much for me... I will give in to the Raider games for him every now and then. Our church, The Rock, is having a men's fellowship kickoff for the guys tonight. Hubby is taking son and nephew with him and should have lots of fun.

Anyways, this blog thing can be time consuming... I plan on adding stuff to my page and making it prettier, YUMMIER... but I need some time. The important thing is that I started the blog, cause it was one of my goals and I have not journaled in years.... This is my journal now.... I'm excited!!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

It's about time...

Hi everyone! I have been contemplating on whether or not I should start a blog or not. I started in in Fall 2007 through BHG scrapbooks etc website but never followed through. I have been attempting to achieve some of my goals, including starting a blog and sticking to it so I finally did it.

Another goal I met as of late was going back to school. I have not been in school for over 18 years and I'm now in community college enrolled at MSJC!!! I am so happy and proud of myself. My hubby started school last semester and he was very encouraging so I really thank him for that. In addition to my being in college, my DD - Michelle has started college too. Hard to believe my 1st born is in college now. I am so proud of her. Everyone is in school now. Baby girl Bre is in her first year of middle school and Lamar is now a senior... Dang how time flies... My nephew who is staying with us now, Ian is in 10th grade.

Anywho... I'm so glad I started the blog, its mainly for me since I'm so forgetful and want to keep track of my every day going ons and adventures. I guess I will share with a few that I love... ha, ha. Anyways, I gotta get to bed now. It's 20 minutes until midnight.
Goodnight and God bless - Monica